You Won’t Be Out Cold (Unless You Want To Be!)

Does your heart start pounding at the mere thought of having a cavity filled? Do you get sweaty palms when you drive by a dental practice? If you cope with dental anxiety, then sedation dentistry from Deborah McNeil-Amorteguy DDS in San Luis Obisbo CA can help.

Dental anxiety is common: millions of Americans dread going to the dentist. In some cases it is so severe it becomes dental phobia. There is a tendency in some of these people to skip the dentist altogether.

The trouble with that is it puts your dental health at risk. To counteract dental anxiety or phobia, we offer two levels of sedation.

  • Nitrous Oxide: This minimal sedation is better known as laughing gas, and it has a long and successful history as a dental sedative. It works quickly and wears off quickly. You may not laugh, but you’ll get the treatment you need.
  • Oral Conscious Sedation: Usually administered in pill form, this is a stronger level of sedation, but still moderate. It won’t make you sleep, but you’ll be very drowsy. The effects linger, too: you will need a ride to and from our office.

Sedation dentistry from Deborah McNeil-Amorteguy DDS in San Luis Obisbo CA helps you get the dental care you deserve. We’ve helped patients from Morro Bay, Pismo Beach, and Arroyo Grande, who come to us for complete general dentistry, and much more. Contact us today!

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