We have prepared the following list of our favorite dental resources to support your dental wellness.  Prevention is the new economy. If you have any questions, please call us at 805-543-3016

AO Pro Rinse White Care pH7.75 1-800-915-8110
Opalescence Tooth Whitening refill gels & pre-filled trays 1-800-552-5512

Products to Support Dry Mouth and Breath Control

We recommend most products be a pH of 7 or greater.

GC Dry Mouth Gel
Aquoral Lipid Spray, artificial saliva  Prescribed
Carifree Boost Spray pH11, Maintenance Rinse pH8.33  & Treatment Rinse pH10.4. 1-800-503-0625
Nutribiotic Grapefruit Seed Extract concentrate pH 2.75 to be mixed with water as a pre- brushing rinse 1-800-225-4345
Biotene Mouth Rinse pH7.09  local retail at CVS, Costco & RiteAid
OraMoist Dry Mouth Patch 1-800-448-1448
CloSys Rinse alcohol-free, sulfate-free rinse pH 7.1 & toothpaste 1-800-643-3337
Basicbites chocolate chews are sugar-free. They contain arginine, bicarbonate calcium carbonate to increase pH. 1-800-863-9943
Dr John’s Hard Candies (Xylitol) 1-888-375-6462
 Sonicare Breath Rx a pre-brushing rinse pH6.2  1-800-422-9448
Spry Gum (Xylitol) 1-877-599-5327
Hershey Ice Breakers Gum 1.1mg xylitol
Florastore probiotic 1-877-356-7787
GNC Probiotic Complex 100 (805) 544-1483 Laguna Village shoping center
Metagenics Ultra Flora Acute Care
 Therabreath Oral Rinse pH7.95  Kosher, vegan, sugarfree, no SLS, no dye.  1-800-973-7374
 Xylimelts Lozenges
 Epic Gum
ACT Anticavity Fluoride Rinse pH7.95
PerioScience AO Pro Rinses: sensitive, hydrating, natural pH7.75  1-800-915-8110
Sonicare Airflosser
Sonicare Electric Brush with soft sensitive brushes 1-800-682-7664
ShowerFloss 1-800-736-2300
Waterpik & pikpocket tip (#pp100E) 1-800-525-2774
Nimbus Brush 1-866-646-2871
Retainer Brite
TOOTHPASTE low abrasive recommendations are those less than 100
Baking soda on a wet toothbrush abrasive rating RDA 7
CTX4 Gel abrasive rating 18
The toothpaste abrasive chart with relative dentin abrasive rating.
Oral-B Interproximal Brush & Handle 1-800-566-7252
Perio-Aid 1-800-359-3206
Gum Rubbertip &

Gum Soft Picks

The Doctors BrushPicks 1-866-866-6871
REACH Floss 1-800-548-3663
Oral-B Ultra Floss & Superfloss 1-800-566-7252
CocoFloss 1-855-661-4719